Siamese fighting fish

What propelled me to make this garment was the splendidly – toned, with a solid persona, frequently observed spinning around its fins – Siamese fighting fish. It is an ideal case of both magnificence and effortlessness. With its long beautiful fins and it’s characteristic characteristics of solidarity and force, I needed to make a garment which was a mix of the two shades and tints yet besides gave a feeling of certainty to whoever wears it. The garment’s layers speak to the distinctively shaded fins while the upper part is well fitted which can be viewed as the body. Shading passing on was utilised to give the effect of the different shades of blues and reds. Everywhere on the look, I attempted to make was a wild yet an elegant one.


Design process, Ideation, Pattern making, Garment construction, Make-up- Suhasi Mittal

Photography- Anuj Pratap Singh

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