Tranquil Collection

At the point when I began my Design Collection, there were n number of considerations thus a lot to ingest, there was no way, no hint where to start from so I began running down my psyche, opening each section and what all circumvents my brain, 4 years of learning and a collection which would likewise assist me with addressing my own self, my own character.

Stand for my own name SM- Suhasi Mittal

Thus, accordingly, Looking at the current situation and seeing the amount we need to get ourselves appended to Nature once more, the amount we have been missing, and what all do we will feel once more. This pandemic has made an inclination that has spread greatly, everybody needs to go on a Vacation just to unwind and consider little motions that one has been missing, little things that we have lost because of urbanization and industrialization.

Therefore Introducing you the TRANQUIL COLLECTION

grad project

The concept behind designing resort comfortable wear,
Is that all of us have been missing vacations now and then And we are used to the comfort and relaxed clothing, hence Whenever we’d step out, we will not forget the comfy clothing We cover ourselves in, therefore will look into garments that Give us relaxing yet trendy clothes, keep up with our style yet gives us comfort.

grad project

As we all are aware the demand of mass market is a lot more than
Designer wear garments, they are affordable and gives the appropriate
Sort of style one looks for. As all of us would not wanna spend more than Rs.10,000 Or less every month on apparel shopping. Looking at the economic structure
It will be very good providing a market where we can get trendy, affordable
Fashion has an approach towards sustainability.

In my market study on sustainable fashion, in terms of Hemp, I looked for What all has been explored and what all people are still looking forward to In the Indian market, therefore the concepts and designs I’ve come up with is Something totally new and trying to have a baby step with the upcoming Running market.

Objective behind the collection
Objective behind the collection
Sourcing of the Collection
Target Consumer Profile

Selected selling market

Majorly online because the pandemic has created an urge for people
Who are suffering through anxiety and boredom, in revert
Who shop apparel online, which has boosted the sales of several online platforms

Therefore buying pattern has changed in Indian market as from quite sometime
The market has switched to fast fashion, why? Because of the economical changes That comes and goes due to the past and present situations
hence, it would be great to have
Things which can reach to masses through just one click.

On the contrary, if we sell offline, through stores, etc, it is great to have a Hands-on feel of the fabric and the size trial of the product, but it comes with a Price and the reachability stays limited due to the high cost-efficiency, so it’ll Be a great opportunity to start selling online and with time offline.


Inspiration Board
Butterfly Species
Mood Board
Print Development (Digitally)
Colour Options
Fabric Swatch
Hand embroidery exploration the the fabric swatch
Print Development-2 (Digitally)
Hand embroidery exploration the the fabric swatch
Print Development-3 (Digitally)
Fabric swatch Development (technique-Digital printing)


Machine embroidery swatch exploration
T-shirt Graphics
T-shirt Graphics
T-shirt Graphics
Digital Illustration, Range plan Women
Digital Illustration, Range plan Men
Full Look

Men’s wear flats

Flats Women’s wear

Collar of the Dress
Tech-pack sample
Tech-pack sample
Print development through Machine embroidery




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